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First developed because the light-duty automobile of this 70 show, in November 1984. In April 1990, a fresh means, the Prado, had been launched, with a redesigned front side grille, forward fenders, motor hood, and head lamps. In Japan it came with

Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission factory workshop and repair manual

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Toyota A442F Automatic Transmission factory workshop and repair guide on PDF can be seen utilizing PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro . Quality 21 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. Covers Operation element areas Elimination Oil Pump Overdrive Unit front side Clutch back Clutch Second Brake front side and backside Planetary equipment device very first and Reverse braking system device Body Upper Valve human anatomy decrease Valve human body Transmission instance Parking Lock Pawl Component areas Installation solution SpecificationsA442F Automatic Transmission fix and workshop handbook Covers FZJ80 and HDJ80 Toyota Landcruiser Hardtop canvas top facility truck Protects the 4 speed digital monitored The new A442F automated

Toyota 2H 12H-T engine factory workshop and repair manual

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Toyota 2H 12H-T engine factory workshop and restoration manualon PDF can be looked at making use of PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro File size 12 MbCovers the Diesel 2H and the 12H-T turbo diesel engines.includes engine technical fuel program coolant system lubrication beginning and charging.About the Toyota 2H Engine The 2H try a 4.0 L (3980 cc) inline 6 12 valve OHV diesel motor. Bore was 91 mm and stroke try 102 mm with a compression proportion of 20.7:1. Production try 103 hp (77 kW) at 3500 rpm - later manufacturing ages 107 hp (80 kW) with 177 pound ft (240 N m) of torque at 2000 rpm.Applications Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47 HJ60 HJ75 Toyota Dyna HU20 30 40 50 Toyota Coaster HB20 30About the 12H-T motor The 12H-T are a 4.0 L (3980 cc) i

Toyota 1HZ 1PZ 1HD-T engine factory workshop and repair manual

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Toyota 1HZ 1PZ 1HD-T system factory workshop and fix guide downloadon PDF can be seen using PDF audience like adobe or foxit or nitro File size 36 Mb in 349 pages searchable cover basic services fixes for the 1 PZ 1 HZ and 1HD-Tengines complete from the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER and COASTER.PZJ70 73 75 show HZJ70 73 75 80 series HDJ80 show HZB30 sets HDB30 seriesContents General system Tune Up Engine renovation Fuel System coolant system Lubrication program Starting Charging AppendixToyota 1HZ 1PZ 1HD-T engine factory workshop and restoration web download

Toyota 3B B 11B 13B engine factory workshop and repair manual

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Toyota 3B B 11B 13B motor factory workshop and repairs manualon PDF can be viewed using PDF audience like adobe or foxit or nitro File size 41 Mb in 338 pages Covers the Diesel 3B B 11B 13B diesel motors.includes motor mechanical gas program coolant system lubrication beginning and charging.The B try a 3.0 L inline-four eight-valve OHV diesel system. Compression proportion try 21:1. Output are 80 hp (60 kW) at 3 600 rpm with 141 lb ft (191 N m) of torque at 2 200 rpm although later models claim 85 PS (63 kW).Land Cruiser 40 Dyna 3rd 4th 5th generation Toyoace 5th generation Daihatsu Delta V9/V12-series 1978-1995 Hino Ranger 2 (V10)The 3B are a 3.4 L inline 4 eight valve OHV diesel engine. Compression proportion try 20:1. Output are 90 hp (67 kW) at 3500 rpm with 160 ft lbf (217 letter m) of torque at 2000 rpm.Dyna 4th fifth 6th generation Toyoace 4th fifth generation Landcruiser 40/60/70 Coaster second 3rd generation 11B i

Toyota H140F H150F H151F Gearbox factory workshop and repair manual

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Toyota H140F H150F and H151F TRANSMISSIONS Gearbox factory workshop and restoration manualon PDF searchable and indexed can be looked at utilizing PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro File size 9 Mb in 100 pages GUIDE TRANSMISSION (H14OF H150F AND H151F TRANSMISSIONS) web page DETAILS MT-2 SAFETY MEASURES MT-4 TROUBLESHOOTING MT-4 REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF TRANSMISSION MT-5 EQUIPMENT MT-12 DISASSEMBLY OF TRANSMISSION MT-15 COMPONENT PARTS MT-25 feedback Shaft construction MT-25 Output Shaft set up MT-27 counter-gear construction MT-39 front side Bearing Retainer MT-42 Oil Pump address system MT-43ASSEMBLY OF TRANSMISSION MT-47Toyota H14OF H150F and H151F TRANSMISSIONS Gearbox factory workshop and fix on the web

Toyota Chassis and Body workshop and repair manual

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Toyota Land Cruiser - framework and Body factory workshop and restoration handbook 1980 publication. Covers FJ40 FJ43 FJ45 FJ60 BJ40 BJ 42 BJ43 BJ45 BJ46 BJ60 show and HJ47 and HJ60 serieson PDF can be viewed using PDF audience like adobe or foxit or nitro quality 120 Mb Bookmarketed with 851 pages doesn't cover the engine. Protects Clutch transmission (4 rate H41 and H42 and 3 speed J30) transfer case propeller shaft front side and back axles steering brake system winch frame human body and electric. Towards Toyota Landcruiser The Toyota Land Cruiser are a few four-wheel drive automobiles fashioned by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. Programming of first-generation secure Cruiser started in 1951 as Toyota s style of a Jeep-like car and production were only available in 1954. The secure Cruiser is circulated in convertible hardtop station wagon and energy vehicle versions and it's also at this time Toyota s flagship

Toyota H41 H42 H50 H55F Gearbox transmission factory workshop and repair manual

car repair service maintenance manual download pdf book
Toyota H41 H42 H50 H55F TRANSMISSIONS Gearbox factory workshop and repairs handbook downloadon PDF can be viewed utilizing no-cost PDF audience like adobe or foxit or nitro . It is squeezed as a zip file which you are able to draw out with 7zip File size 179 Mb Searchable PDF document with bookmarks. TRANSMISSION; H41 H42 H50 H55FFOR MODELSLandcruiserBJ 40 42 43 45 46 60 show FJ 40 43 45 60 show HJ 47 60 series BU 20 23 25 32 32 36 40 show HU 40 50 series WU 40 50 sets Toyota H41 H42 H50 H55FTRANSMISSIONS Gearbox factory workshop and repair web down load

Toyota 1FZ-FE 1FZ-F engine factory workshop and repair manual

car repair service maintenance manual download pdf book
Toyota 1FZ-FE and 1FZ-F motor factory workshop and fix guide downloadon PDF can be seen using PDF audience like adobe or foxit or nitro quality 15 Mb in 498 pages searchable INTRODUCTION PLANNING PROVIDER REQUIREMENTS DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM ENGINE MECHANICAL INTAKE AIR/SHUTTER SYSTEM TURBOCHARGING PROGRAM EMISSION CONTROLS ELECTRONIC CONTROLS DIESEL GAS INTAKE HEAT FUEL SYSTEM SHOT SYSTEM COOLING SYSTEM LUBRICATION PROGRAM BEGINNING PROGRAM ALTERNATOR SYSTEM CHARGING PROGRAM TORQUE SPECIFICATIONSST AND SSM SYSTEMThe motor displaced 4477 cc with a bore and swing measuring 100 millimetres (3.9 in) x 95 millimetres (3.7 in) correspondingly and a 9.0:1 compression ratio; the top utilized Toyota s narrow-angle expense camshafts for best gasoline economy. The 1FZ had only two variants readily available: the 1FZ-F together with 1FZ-FE. The actual only real factor amongst the two is the addition of electric gasoline injections from the 1FZ-FE whereas the 1FZ-F used a carburetor.The 1FZ-F created 190 horsepower (140 kW) at 4400 RPM and 268 pound

Toyota 1HD-FT engine factory workshop and repair manual

car repair service maintenance manual download pdf book
Toyota 1HD-FT engine factory workshop and repairs manualon PDF can be viewed making use of PDF reader like adobe or foxit or nitro quality 37 Mb in 259 pages INTRODUCTION PREP PROVIDER SPECS DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAM ENGINE MECHANICAL INTAKE AIR/SHUTTER PROGRAM TURBOCHARGING SYSTEM EMISSION CONTROL ELECTRONIC CONTROL DIESEL FUEL INTAKE TEMPERATURE GAS PROGRAM INJECTION SYSTEM COOLING SYSTEM LUBRICATION PROGRAM STARTING PROGRAM ALTERNATOR PROGRAM CHARGING SYSTEM TORQUE SPECIFICATIONSST AND SSM SYSTEMThe 1HD-FT was a 4.2 L (4164 cc) straight-6 24 device SOHC turbocharged diesel motor of direct shot design. Bore are 94 mm and stroke was 100 mm with a compression ratio of 18.6:1. Known as the quot;multivalve quot;

First developed because the light-duty automobile of this 70 show, in November 1984. Offered best in short system with alternatives for smooth top or tough top. Brands like Land Cruiser II, Land Cruiser, and Bundera are created for these "light task" Land Cruisers. The Bundera is a short wheelbase—being 2,310 millimetres—with two-doors, a plastic top, and barn doors within backside. There have been three choices for the motor, the 2.4 L 22R petrol motor and 2.4 L 2L and 2L-T diesel and turbocharged diesel motors. Transmission for the petrol system is the G52 type whilst diesels used the R150 and R151 kinds. These were similar engines and transmission used in 4Runner, in collaboration with Hino.

In April 1990, a fresh means, the Prado, had been launched, with a redesigned front side grille, forward fenders, motor hood, and head lamps. At precisely the same time, names like Land Cruiser and Land Cruiser II were still found in the rest of the world besides Japan. Prado suggests meadow or field in Portuguese. Despite a body-on-frame build making it very capable off-road, the vehicle is marketed toward on-road use.

In Japan it came with electronic gas injections and four rate automatic transmission. The 2.4 L turbocharged diesel motor with 71 kW and 240 N·m high torque product had been set up. The line-up included 2-door and 4-door models available in SX, LX or EX grades of trim.

The front suspension system had been altered to a "surprise absorber through springtime" design to enhance managing. Aided by the touch of a button you can change between phases of absorber. The 22R petrol engine had been enhanced towards the 22R-E motor, the diesel motors were replaced by the 2.8 L 3L engine, as well as the 2.4 L 2L-T turbocharged diesel system was replaced because of the electronically injected 2L-TE turbocharged diesel system. In 1993, the 22R-E petrol system ended up being changed by the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE petrol system plus the 2L-TE turbocharged diesel engine was changed by the 3.0 L 1KZ-T turbocharged diesel system with aluminum cylinder mind. The 1KZ-TE was able to lessen NOx and soot. The dash board was replaced with a new build with lesser changes to suspension system, brakes, and trim details.

In May 1996, the J70 series underwent a makeover and appeared once the J90 series Prado, a completely independent series. The human body had been lengthened. The look stayed medium duty, like J70. The leading suspension system ended up being changed with an independent design, shared with Tacoma and Hilux Surf, created by Hino. The J90 was created by Tahara Plant, available as a three-door short wheelbase and five-door very long wheelbase variation.

In Japan, the 3-door show begun with a R in show ranging from RZ, RX, RS to RJ although the 5-door line-up started with T within the series which range from TZ, TX, TS, to TJ. All designs came with front dual wishbone and 4 linked suspension also full time 4WD. abdominal muscles and a Field track showing altimeter, thermometer and force had been standard throughout the systems. The field monitor wasn't readily available as standard equipment in South Africa. Television display and audio ready was optional.

Petrol motors included the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE and, brand new in Prado versions, the 3.4 L V6 5VZ-FE. Diesel motors had been the 2.8 L 3L engine, the 3.0 L 5L motor therefore the 3.0 L 1KZ-TE.

There was clearly also an extra type of the J90, called the Challenger. Options that come with the Challenger tend to be standard fabric chairs and lumber from the dash.

By June 1999, lesser modifications had been made. Being follow brand-new legislation, fog-lamps were added to the bumper, except in South Africa. In July 2000, a diesel motor, the 3.0 L typical railway Diesel injections 1KD-FTV is introduced into this model. To lessen theft, an engine immobilizer ended up being readily available. TX Limited with 8 seating used TX base with roofing rail, backside under mirror, lumber panel finish, armrest, optitron meter, base air conditioning including rear heater had been introduced into this show.

The Prado ended up being put together by Sofasa in Colombia from 1999 until 2009 without significant modifications. There were two versions, a 3-door with a 2.7 L system and 5-door with a 3.4 L V6 engine with either a 5-speed handbook or a 4-speed automatic. Between 2005 and 2009 they provided an optional armoured version of the 5-door variation.

When the Prado premiered in britain in 1996, it was known as the Land Cruiser Colorado and replaced the 4Runner, which had been discontinued from purchase. It was called this to distinguish it from larger Land Cruiser – renamed since the Land Cruiser Amazon – which was already on sale. They fallen the Colorado title tag in 2003, with regards to ended up being renamed merely Land Cruiser. Into the Republic of Ireland more Land Cruisers had been marketed as advertisements aided by the part windows and chairs eliminated for income tax factors.

Appearing in 2002, the 3rd generation Prado has actually modified forward suspension to boost reliability. Developing started in 1997 and design work in 1998, aided by the winning suggestion via Lance Scott associated with the Toyota ED2 build studio in France in belated 1999.

Motors include the 2.7 L straight-4 3RZ-FE, 3.4 L V-6 5VZ-FE and 3.0 L straight-4 turbocharged diesel 1KZ-TE. In countries like Asia, a newly developed engine 1GR-FE V6 is present. The motor immobilizer became standard products in certain markets.

In August 2004, the 3RZ-FE engine had been changed by 2.7 L 2TR-FE engine plus July of the same 12 months, the 5VZ-FE system was changed by 4.0 L V6 1GR-FE motor with 5-speed automatic transmission available in belated 2005. In North America, this model is called the Lexus GX 470 aided by the 4.7 L V8 2UZ-FE system.

Diesel versions have had the 1KZ-TE turbocharged diesel motor with optimum output score 96 kW as well as the 5L-E all-natural aspirated diesel engine score 70 kW. In November 2006, Toyota introduced the 1KD-FTV turbocharged diesel of power and 410 N·m of torque. The improvement towards the D-4D system was also matched with transmission updates on diesel number, utilizing the 5-speed automated and 6-speed guide transmissions included on the basis of the petrol operated number. From August 2007 the Prado received a few equipment and security updates. The car has claimed 3 awards for the very best performance on a SUV kind car in Australia and US.

The 120-series Land Cruiser Prado shares equivalent suspension section while the Hilux Surf/4Runner and FJ Cruiser for comparable years.

Discover a faster three home type of the 120-series, with a 125-code in place of 120. Machines are identical, most properties are identical; just the 1KZ-TE was only available in five door variation. The three home wagon functions only two chair rows. The gas container is bound to 87 L, no sub-fuel-tank system available.

For design season 2007 on Japanese designs just, G-BOOK, a membership telematics services, is offered as an option.

The Japanese Prado consisted of 6 trim level generally Gx, Tx, Tz, Tx restricted, Tzg and Tz limited. The highest requirements design referred to as Tz limited consisted of functions like front driver and traveler heated seating, heated outside mirrors, adjustable air suspension, mountain start assist controls downhill assist controls, central differential lock and sometimes engine car heating.

In China, Dadi automobile made two clones regarding the SUV called the Dadi town Steed and Dadi Shuttle. Both versions being created since 2006 and 2007 respectively.
Highly able off road, the top LandCruiser are a longtime favourite with those on land, inside mines or wanting a difficult working tow vehicle.

Cruiser have sitting for eight folks, though it's best if occupants regarding the rearmost, fold-down chairs are not over huge. With traveler seating in place luggage room becomes relatively limited.

Toyota LandCruiser try unashamedly a sizable automobile and certainly will be a genuine handful in some instances in tight suburban operating, especially in undercover carparks. It’s not only how big is the LandCruiser, but in addition its large turning circle, that may bring hassles. It is often enhanced over time.

But attempt one on your own if you've never practiced the potential parking hassles. Not surprisingly, a number of are used as household wagons, thanks to the roomy cabin and huge luggage room.

The LandCruiser has been around for years, but truly took off in the selling battle using the introduction of 80-Series in 1990. It had been replaced in March 1998 because of the 100-Series then the 200-Series found its way to November 2007.

LandCruiser 200 are an important advancement regarding the 100 show without an entirely new model. Its styling was a little gentler than that the 100, but its real 4WD capability stays under that smoother epidermis.

The LandCruiser 70-Series workhorse and LandCruiser Prado share little in common using 80, 100 and 200, therefore would be the topic of individual content. The added sophistication and convenience associated with the 80-Series weighed against their truck-like forefathers managed to get much easier to reside with, but perhaps the 80 is getting on in ages now so be certain of the condition before handing over the folding products.

The LandCruiser try easy for inexperienced holder to just take into the bush. Obviously with all the usual provisos of preparation and driver knowledge that apply to all whom drive in off road problems. Interestingly, the LandCruiser 100-Series reverted to part-time 4WD in its additional standard products.

Many motors on utilized LandCruisers tend to be straight sixes, though V8s became more common in later years. The petrol product had been originally a somewhat ancient 4.0-litre six-cylinder unit which was thirsty and not specially fast.

A 4.5-litre, twin-cam, multi device motor ended up being set up in topline versions late in 1992 and subsequently spreading on other countries in the petrol range. It’s today's product with great torque and impressive smoothness.

A petrol V8 of 4.7-litre capability, as used in the Lexus LX470, ended up being supplied as an option inside LandCruiser 100-Series from 1998 until 2000. It's very dehydrated, but beautifully smooth and torquey.

Later advancements of the 4.7-litre V8 system were used in LandCruiser 200, with all the latest becoming a 4.6-litre device introduced at the beginning of 2012. A petrol V8 with 5.7 litres can be on offer inside LC200.

Diesel sixes are relatively common on elderly 80-Series and included displacements of 4.0 and 4.2 litres. From 1990 the 4.2 litre diesel used an individual overhead camshaft and two valves per cylinder.

In 1995 they got a four-valve cylinder mind, though they nonetheless have one camshaft. Far better could be the 4.5-litre V8 turbo-diesel found in the LC200 – it's reasonably affordable, smooth and offers a great amount of grunt. The turbo-diesel V8s become huge grunt powerplants, creating all of them specially suitable for heavy-duty towing.

Five-speed manual gearboxes could be offered in certain LandCruisers, but the majority later on models utilize automatic transmissions, with four speeds inside 80 show.

There are five forward rates within the 100 show, and either five or six ratios when you look at the LC200 with regards to the design.

The LandCruiser has actually lots of underbonnet and under-vehicle room so the knowledgeable residence mechanic can perform some unique repairs.

There are Toyota dealers throughout regions of Australian Continent, thanks to the team perhaps obtaining the many extensive of all of the communities.

Servicing and free section are inexpensive, although some areas cost a lot a lot more than they need to. Understand that these are heavy-duty, commercially-oriented motors therefore also things such as tyres can price somewhat more than they do for a passenger vehicles.

Insurance is unlikely resulting in genuine problems as the employed nature associated with the automobile means many firms need favourable experiences utilizing the vehicle, allowing them to hold rates fairly reduced.

LandCruisers that have had serious off-road use – and enough has – will most likely posses underbody, door-sill and bumper spot damage. Even those that only have had mild usage away from sealed roadways are likely to have actually scratching in paint on the doorways.

Seek out dirt in cabin and boot. This may be brought on by windows-down driving, but may also indicate leaks round the door seals. Possibly even a twisted framework as a result of off-road harm and/or a collision.

Keep clear associated with the engine’s state if it offers finished harsh off road driving and/or heavy-duty towing. Engines are generally long lasting but watch out for a smoking exhaust as soon as the system was under load which could show it really is close to the end of the lifetime. An oil light that’s sluggish to go away if the system are began is another indication of system use.

Manual gearboxes on older designs are relatively hefty, even when newer. The 100 Series and 200 Series become better than the older products. Crunching during downchanges to second and earliest gears is usually the first indication of problems. Transfer cardboard boxes tend to be rigid in operation even when they are working properly. Be wary of just one that’s also tight as they possibly can be costly to correct.

Search for signs and symptoms of salty sand as it can cause real rust problems. Choose rust in the flooring, especially if the Cruiser has received some coastline use. Have a professional inspector follow through their preliminary evaluation as a tough utilized example could cost big bucks is place right back together once more.

However it is the FJ40 from sixties through the 1980s which published the legend; one or more million had been offered internationally, 121,000 to Australian farmers, miners and adventurers.

Early LandCruisers came right here from 1958 and among very first subscribers was construction magnate Sir Leslie Thiess which used the tough, go-anywhere devices during building regarding the Snowy hills system. These FJ25 and long wheelbase FJ28 modelshad a cnavas bonnet, 3.6 litre system, four-speed transmission and part-time four-wheel drive.

The FJ40 series found its way to 1962 although first LandCruiser made for civil utilize don't arrive before FJ55 truck in 1969. A HJ45 ute found its way to 1975. Therefore it gone through to the LandCruiser range today spreads with this FJ Cruiser, through utes and troop carriers and Prados to the LandCruiser 200 series.

Toyota's number, and character, of four-wheel drives has long been preferred here. Up to now some 765,000 LandCruisers were offered in Australian Continent, the whole world's largest solitary marketplace for the Cruiser and using 12 percent of manufacturing.

The Land Cruiser 80 series is unveiled in October 1989 on Tokyo engine tv show and established at the beginning of 1990. They have swing-out right back doors, that have been replaced by a winch home in 1994. The Land Cruiser had been nicknamed the Burbuja in Colombia and Venezuela due to its roundness. The J80 was offered in two models within these region: the fully loaded VX and an entry levels model that included a vinyl interior with recommended air cooling. In 1996, the entry model ended up being enhanced to a medium equipped model named Autana, like fabric upholstery, standard air conditioning and power motorist chair. The name is a reference toward Tepui mesa Autana, a magnificent plateau and cave program over the Guiana guard craton. Land Cruiser deals achieved 2 million cars.

1990 – The 80 show place truck is introduced, changing the 60 show. All 80s sold in the united states and European countries will have a full-time four-wheel drive system. In Japan, Africa, and Australia, a part-time system is still available. 80s produced between 1990 and 1991 have an open center differential that has been lockable in 4HI and instantly locked in 4LO. From 1992 onward, cars with anti-lock brake system have a viscous coupling that sent a maximum of 30% torque towards non-slipping axle. The differential was lockable in 4HI and immediately closed in 4LO.
1990 – a fresh generation of diesel engines are introduced, increasing the motors obtainable in the 80 series. The 80 show came with either a six-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol system, a six-cylinder SOHC normally aspirated diesel engine,, or a 1HD-T direct injections turbo diesel.
1991 – By mid-1991 the is launched toward Australian markets, a fuel inserted version of the 3F.
1993 – An advanced 24-valve, 4.5 L six-cylinder petrol system, 1FZ-FE ended up being launched. Bigger brakes are added from October 1992 as well as the complete wheelbase had been made slightly much longer. Forward and rear axle lockers showed up as a choice. The tall Pinion Electric Locking front side differential become available in people designs. In-may 1993 Toyota began utilizing R134 refrigerant in the air fitness program. Serial numbers below JT3DJ81xxxxx38947 use R12 refrigerant.
1994 – a small version Land Cruiser azure Marlin is introduced to the Australian markets. They have 4.5 L straight 6 petrol engines with double-overhead cameras, automatic or handbook transmission and 158 kW at 4600 rpm. The vehicle is blue through the azure Marlin fish and they have the azure Marlin logo design throughout the car. A number of the qualities your azure Marlin included were altimeters, energy microsoft windows, disk brakes, fabric equipment knob and steering wheel, central locking, leather-based trim, chrome handles and sidesteps, 16" alloy wheels, limited-slip differential, anti-lock brakes, power steering, CD and cassette players, flares, and a restricted version bull bar. Just 500 had been made.
1995 – Driver and traveler airbags were launched because had been flexible shoulder-belt anchors and an anti-lock braking program. The "T O Y O T A" badge ended up being replaced using contemporary Toyota logo.
1996 – inside Dakar Rally, a couple of Land Cruisers completed very first and second inside unmodified manufacturing course. All-american and British 80s adopted anti-lock brake system and airbags as standard equipment. The Land Cruiser ended up being withdrawn from Canada in 2010 and was replaced because of the Lexus LX 450.
1997 – A limited run of Land Cruiser 80s ended up being built designed for enthusiasts therefore labeled as the Land Cruiser Collector's version. The enthusiasts version sported enthusiasts version badging, "Collector's Edition" embroidered floors mats, automated climate control, wheels utilizing the "D" microsoft windows coated dark grey and special grey part moldings, and black colored pearl badging. The enthusiasts version was only available for the 1997 model year as well as the bundle was included with most available body colors.
1997 – 4744 FZJ80 Land Cruisers had been marketed in the usa as "40th Anniversary Limited Edition" models. They were available in 2 tints; vintage Sage Pearl and Emerald Green. The 40th Anniversary brands included apron badges, a serial number badge on centre console, black colored pearl exterior badges, "40th Anniversary restricted Edition" embroidered floors mats, automated environment controls, two-tone tan and brown leather-based interiors, and rims aided by the "D" microsoft windows painted dark gray. Many are manufactured aided by the recommended electric front and rear locking differentials, keyless entry, port-installed roofing racks, and operating boards. There are many instances that didn't have a majority of these extras. This is basically the just last year for the electric locking front differentials.
2008 – final 80-Series car ended up being built-in Venezuela that has been the only nation producing the motors after production finished in Japan in 1997.

In January 1998, the 100 show Land Cruiser ended up being launched to displace the 8-year-old 80 show. The 100 series was previewed in October 1997 given that "Grand Cruiser" at the 32nd Tokyo Motor program. Developing started in 1991 under program rule 404T, with the best build becoming frozen in mid-1994.
Pre-facelift Toyota Land Cruiser GXL

There's two distinct variations of the 100-series, the 100 therefore the 105. Both variations see much the same, but you will find significant differences in bodywork. Despite these variations and official design brands, the 100 and 105 tend to be collectively known as the 100 series.

The 105 transported throughout the most its framework and powertrain from the 80-series with coil suspended solid axles forward and back, and straight-6 petrol and diesel motors. These models were best sold in African, Australian, Russian, and South United states areas.

In 1998, it launched a suspension system system combining Active Height controls and Skyhook TEMS Toyota Electronic Modulated suspension system from the Land Cruiser J100

In 2002 Toyota introduced Night see, the initial globally series manufacturing energetic automotive evening plans system, on Toyota Landcruiser Cygnus or Lexus LX470. This system makes use of the headlight projectors emitting near infrared light directed just like the vehicles's highbeam headlights and a CCD digital camera then captures that reflected radiation, this signal is then prepared by computers which brings a black-and-white picture which is projected on the lower area of the windshield. It was furthermore the first Toyota with roll-over sensor and control logic

The 100 versions were installed with a slightly wider chassis, independent forward suspension and two brand new engines. The alteration to IFS is a primary for a Land Cruiser, and ended up being made to develop on-road management. However it in addition brief the vehicle's off road ability and durability, for this reason the choice to offer the solid axle 105 designs alongside the IFS 100 systems in certain markets. The dining table below identifies the number of 100 and 105 models and their globally availability.

Despite the 100 and 105 body becoming very similar, there are a few exterior aesthetic indications between both brands. The most obvious may be the front end regarding the automobile frequently showing up lower than a corner on the 100 models, due to the IFS. Others signal could be the build of tires. The 100 products have almost flat wheel styles, whilst 105 brands posses dished tires. This distinction allows both variations to hold comparable wheel paths, inspite of the 100 having a somewhat larger axle track to accommodate the IFS system.

The introduction of a V8 engine was also a primary for a Land Cruiser, and is especially designed to enhance product sales in the North-American markets, in which it absolutely was truly the only motor available. In Australian Continent, the 100 V8 was best obtainable in the range-topping GXV model, while entry and mid-range systems were the 105 powered by the 1FZ-FE I6 petrol, or 1HZ diesel engines. The brand new 1HD-FTE turbo-diesel 100 had been included with the Australian number in October 2000 after being for sale in European countries additionally the UNITED KINGDOM since launch in 1998. The 4WD news in Australian Continent are important of Toyota's choice to own acclaimed 1HD-FTE engine just in combination with IFS. Australian 4WD regular magazine stated "We're going to never ever forgive Toyota for supposed independent at the front end with all the great 4.2 turbo-diesel".

The 100 series formed the basis for Lexus LX 470, that has been also marketed in Japan since the Toyota Cygnus.

The 100 series was labeled as the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon in britain and Ireland from 1998 to 2007.

In 2000, Toyota celebrated the 50th anniversary associated with the Land Cruiser with commemorative designs available in a number of countries. Total international manufacturing up to now is 3.72 million motors.

The 100 show remained in production until belated 2007, with several minor facelifts particularly headlights, taillights, forward grille, rear spoiler and specs adjustment launched over time.