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Richard Russell "Rick" Riordan /ˈraɪərˌdɛn/, Jr. Rick Riordan was born plus raised inside San Antonio, Texas, graduating from Alamo Heights High School. Riordan has built various lucrative book series. The San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 showcased Riordan because a customer. Education: Attended Alamo Heights

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan AudioBook CD

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Percy Jackson as well as the Lightning Thief by Rick RiordanAudioBook Unabridged Get additional Rick Riordan Percy Jackson titles here Percy Jackson is a twelve year aged boy diagnosed with ADHD plus dyslexia that has been expelled from many (six) colleges the newest being Yancy Academy. During a school field trip with the Metropolitan Museum of Art inside NY City his pre-algebra instructor Mrs. Dodds attacks Percy revealing which she is regarded as the 3 Furies. Percys stepfather Gabe Ugliano a guy whose smell is really repulsive mistreats both Percy plus Percys mom Sally. To escape from Gabe Sally takes Percy about a see with Long Island for a three-day holiday.In the center of the initially evening Percys nearest friend plus previous classmate at Yancy Academy Grover Underwood whom is revealed with b

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan Audio Book CD

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The Last Olympian by Rick RiordanBook 5 inside the seriesUnabridged AudioBook Get additional Rick Riordan Percy Jackson titles here In purchase to test with head away Kronos approach by sea Percy plus Beckendorf try with destroy his ship the Princess Andromeda. However Kronos nonetheless possessing Luke Castellan is not caught off protect plus Beckendorf sacrifices his existence with destroy the ship when Percy dives overboard plus passes out from contact with Kronos scythe whenever battling him found on the ship. Percy is awakened by his half-brother Tyson the cyclops. He confirms which he is within his dad Poseidons underwater palace that is beneath siege by the forces of the Titan Oceanus. Percy would like to remain plus assist deal with with his parent yet Poseidon sends Percy back with Camp

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Demigod Files - Rick Riordan - AudioBook CD

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Percy Jackson as well as the Olympians The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan Unabridged 3CD Audio Book Set Get alternative Rick Riordan Percy Jackson titles here Get additional Childrens AudioBooks click here Percy Jackson as well as the Olympians The Demigod Files - by Rick Riordan - Audio Book CD Brand New (3 CDs - 3 hours): Regarding Percy Jackson as well as the Olympians The Demigod Files Young demigods brace yourselves for a peak inside the very categorized Demigod Files Compiled by Camp Half-Bloods senior scribe Rick Riordan these top secret archives include 3 of Percy Jacksons many perilous adventures plus behind-the-scenes interviews with the favorite characters-Connor plus Travis Clarisse Annabeth Grover plus Percy.Become an authority about Percys g

The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan Audio Book CD

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The Titans Curse by Rick RiordanBook 3 inside the seriesUnabridged AudioBook Get additional Rick Riordan Percy Jackson titles here Get alternative Science Fiction AudioBooks here Whenever Percy Jackson receives an urgent distress call from his friend Grover he instantly prepares for battle. He knows heck need his effective demigod allies Annabeth plus Thalia at his side; his trusty bronze sword Riptide; plus . . . a ride from his mother. The demigods race with the save to obtain which Grover has produced an significant discovery: 2 fresh effective half-bloods whose parentage is unknown. But thats not all which awaits them. The Titan lord Kronos has set up his many devious trap yet as well as the young heroes have simply fallen prey. Hilarious plus action-packed this 3rd adventure inside the series finds Percy confronted with his many hazardous challenge th

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan AudioBook CD

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The Sea of Monsters by Rick RiordanBook 2 inside the seriesUnabridged AudioBook Get different Rick Riordan Percy Jackson titles here After a year invested struggling with avoid a catastropic war amidst the Greek gods Percy Jackson finds his seventh-grade school year unnervingly quiet. His largest issue is dealing with his hot friend Tyson--a six-foot-three mentally challenged homeless child that follows Percy everywhere generating it difficult for Percy with have any regular neighbors. However points dont remain quiet for extended. Percy shortly discovers there is trouble at Camp Half-Blood: The magical borders that safeguard Half-Blood Hill have been poisoned with a mysterious enemy as well as the just secure haven for demigods is found on the verge of being overrun by mythological monsters. To save the camp Percy requires the assistance of his ideal friend Grover that has been taken prisoner by the Cyclops Polyphemus about an island someplace inside the Sea of Monsters--the risky wa

The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan Audio Book CD

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The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick RiordanBook 4 inside the seriesUnabridged AudioBook Get additional Rick Riordan Percy Jackson titles here Percy Jackson isnt expecting freshman orientation with be any fun. However whenever a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears about campus followed by demon cheerleaders points swiftly move from bad with worse. In this newest payment of the blockbuster series time is running out because war amongst the Olympians as well as the wicked Titan lord Kronos draws close. Even the secure haven of Camp Half-Blood grows more vulnerable by the minute because Kronoss military prepares with invade its when impenetrable borders. To stop the invasion Percy plus his demigod neighbors should set out about a quest from the Labyrinth-a sprawling underground planet with beautiful surprises at each turn. Full of humor plus heart-poun

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan AudioBook CD

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The Lost Hero by Rick RiordanGet additional Science Fiction AudioBooks hereJason has a issue. He doesnt remember anything before waking up inside a bus full of kids about a field trip. Apparently he has a girlfriend called Piper along with a right friend called Leo. Theyre all pupils at a boarding school for bad kids. What did Jason do with end up here? And where is here precisely? Piper has a secret. Her dad has been lost for 3 days since that time she had which terrifying nightmare. Piper doesnt know her dream or why her boyfriend suddenly doesnt know her. Whenever a freak storm hits unleashing unusual creatures plus whisking her Jason plus Leo away with somewhere called Camp Half-Blood she has a feeling shes going to obtain out. Leo has a method with tools. Whenever he sees his cabin at Camp Half-Blood filled with energy tools plus machine components he feels right at house. However there

Richard Russell "Rick" Riordan /ˈraɪərˌdɛn/, Jr. is an American writer best acknowledged for composing the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. He moreover wrote the adult secret series Tres Navarre plus aided edit Demigods plus Monsters, a assortment of essays about his Percy Jackson series. He assisted develop the 10 books of The 39 Clues series plus wrote the initially book inside the series, The Maze of Bones. In 2012, he completed a trilogy concentrating about Egyptian mythology, The Kane Chronicles, plus has published 3 from five planned books of The Heroes of Olympus series, the sequel with the Percy Jackson series which concentrates on Roman plus Greek mythology.

Rick Riordan was born plus raised inside San Antonio, Texas, graduating from Alamo Heights High School. He then graduated from University of Texas. He taught English plus Social Studies for 8 years at Presidio High School inside San Francisco.

Riordan has built various lucrative book series. The multi-award-winning Tres Navarre secret series for adults follows the fast-paced adventures of a erudite Texan private eye. His Percy Jackson as well as the Olympians series qualities a twelve-year-old whom discovers he is the modern son of the historic Greek god, Poseidon. Twentieth Century Fox bought the movie rights plus introduced a feature movie February 12, 2010. After the achievement of Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan built The Kane Chronicles, that qualities a modern Egyptian pantheon plus 2 fresh sibling protagonists. Its initial book, The Red Pyramid, was introduced May 4, 2010; the sequel, The Throne Of Fire, was introduced May 3, 2011. The 3rd plus final book inside the Kane Chronicles, The Serpent's Shadow, was introduced May 1, 2012. Riordan equally built a sequel series with the Percy Jackson books, The Heroes of Olympus. Its initial book, The Lost Hero, was introduced inside the U.S. October 12, 2010; the sequel, The Son of Neptune, was introduced October 4, 2011, as well as the 3rd book inside the series, The Mark of Athena, was introduced October 2, 2012. Riordan extended both series simultaneously; whilst he has completed The Kane Chronicles trilogy, he continues to create The Heroes of Olympus, a pentalogy. Riordan moreover aided create the children's book series The 39 Clues; he authored many of its books, including The Maze of Bones, that topped the NY Times Best Seller list about September 28, 2008. Riordan plans with publish another series based about Norse mythology inside 2015.

The San Diego Comic-Con International 2010 showcased Riordan because a customer. Rick Riordan lives inside San Antonio with his spouse plus their 2 sons Patrick plus Haley, whom inspired his Percy Jackson series by telling stories of their dreams.

Education: Attended Alamo Heights High School inside San Antonio. Worked because an editor for the school newspaper plus claimed 3rd spot inside state for UIL feature composing. Additionally got inside trouble for publishing an underground newspaper which prepared fun of the school, particularly the losing sports team.. Began university at North Texas State, however then moved with the University of Texas at Austin. Graduated with a double main inside English plus history. Got licensed with teach English plus history from UT San Antonio. Did my student training inside the San Antonio Independent School District.

Childhood influences: The initial book I remember reading for fun was the Lord of the Rings. I possibly read it ten instances. I equally liked Greek plus Norse mythology because I was inside center school. I read largely fantasy plus research fiction inside significant school, then got interested inside mysteries whenever I got with university. My parents were both teachers. My mother became a musician plus an artist, too. My father became a ceramicist, thus I grew up inside a surprisingly creative family. I began composing whenever I was inside center school. The initial story I submitted for publication was whenever I was 13. It wasn’t published. My initially published functions were 2 brief stories inside the UTSA literary magazine.

Work experience: Whenever I was inside university, I worked for 3 years because the music director at a summer camp, Camp Capers. This really is where I got the idea for Camp Half-Blood. My initially full-time job was training center school inside New Braunfels, Texas. After which, my spouse plus I moved with San Francisco. We lived there for 8 years plus I taught at Presidio Hill School. Next you had the 2 sons, Haley plus Patrick, plus you moved back house with San Antonio. I taught at Saint Mary’s Hall for six years, then stopped training with become a full-time author. I taught mythology virtually each year which I became a instructor. It was usually my favorite thing, as well as the pupils constantly liked it, too!

Family: I reside with my spouse plus 2 sons, Haley plus Patrick.

Pets: 1 dog plus 2 black pets.

Favorite book I wrote: That’s a difficult query for a author. It’s like asking that of the youngsters is the favorite. I like all of them for different factors.

Favorite character inside my books: Additionally difficult with answer! Probably Grover or Tyson considering they’re thus much fun to create about.

In my spare time: I like with read, swim, play guitar, plus travel with my family. I additionally play games with my kids.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians is a pentalogy of adventure plus fiction books created by Rick Riordan. The Lightning Thief is regarding a twelve-year-old dyslexic boy, Percy Jackson. When whenever following returning house from his boarding school, Percy plus his mom Sally Jackson, choose to go with the beach inside Montauk. After a series of tragedies at Montauk beach, including reduction of his mom, Percy discovers which he is a demigod, plus son of Poseidon, the God of Sea. He equally discovers which he is accused of stealing the weapon of God Zeus, the lightning bolt. Then, with clear his name off this thievery, plus with conserve the planet of World War III, he should discover the real thief plus return the lightning bolt with Zeus. So Percy Jackson, together with 2 friends, Grover Underwood, a satyr plus Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, commence about a journey with the Underworld as well as the God of death, Hades.

More than 20 million duplicates of the books have been available inside over 35 nations.

As of October 28, 2011, the series has been found on the NY Times ideal seller list for children's book series for 223 weeks. The initially book was modified into a movie titled Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief inside 2010, that was commercially effective, yet received mixed reports. An adaptation of The Sea of Monsters, titled Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, is due with be introduced inside 2013.

Development for both The Lightning Thief as well as the Percy Jackson series because a entire, commenced whenever Riordan initially started generating stories for his son Haley, that had lately been diagnosed with ADHD plus dyslexia. His son had been studying Greek mythology inside next level plus requested which his dad come up with bedtime stories based about Greek myths. Riordan had been a Greek mythology instructor inside center school for years, plus was capable to keep in mind enough stories with please his son. Soon Riordan ran from myths plus his son then requested which he create hot ones utilizing the same characters from Greek myths plus add brand-new ones. So, Riordan built the fictional character Percy Jackson plus produced the story of how he might travel over the United States with recover Zeus's thunderbolt.

In June 1994, Riordan had completed his manuscript for The Big Red Tequila plus started shopping for agents. During which time, he visited numerous localized schools interested in superior editors till he eventually found an agent. While he left his manuscript with his agent plus editor with review, Riordan took his book with a group of 6th, 7th, plus 8th graders with read plus provide their review. Ultimately he gained their approval, plus with their aid, came up with all the name of the book plus built the technique Percy's sword worked. In June 1997, Riordan finalized with Bantam Books with make the book for publishing. In 2004, the book was available with Miramax Books for enough income for Riordan with stop his job with focus about composing. After it was introduced about 28 July 2005, it available over 1.2 million duplicates. The book was introduced inside numerous versions including hardcover, paperback plus sound editions. It has been translated into several languages plus published all over the globe.

A 12 year aged demigod called Percy Jackson lives inside NY with his mom, Sally Jackson. During a field trip with a museum, Percy is attacked with a "Fury" disguised because his Pre-Algebra instructor, Mrs. Dodds, plus he vaporises her with a sword provided with him by Mr. Brunner, his Latin instructor. After Mrs. Dodds is killed, nobody inside his school remembers understanding her. The rest of the school year passes with unusual weather. Whenever Percy gets frustrated from studying for his Latin exam, he goes with Mr. Brunner for aid, plus overhears a conversation between Mr. Brunner plus his right friend, Grover. The 2 are discussing Percy's protection at his school, plus whenever Percy accidentally drops his book plus retreats into an clear classroom, he sees which the shadow of the creature searching for him is a lot heavier than either his instructor or his friend. At the finish of the school year, Percy tries with leave for his house whenever Grover insists about seeing him with his destination. During the bus ride, the bus breaks down, plus because the guests receive off the bus when the driver tries with fix it, Percy sees 3 aged women over the highway which cut a strand of electrical blue yarn. The duo board the bus when more, plus following Grover begins performing strange from witnessing the cutting of the string, Percy ditches him at the bus station plus takes a taxi as much as his mother's apartment. His mom, Sally, reveals which the 2 of them will invest time at a cabin inside Montauk, a beach Percy went with whenever he became a small boy. The 2 leave for the cabin, plus which evening Percy has a unusual think of a horse plus an eagle trying with kill every alternative whilst a dark voice from below him urges them about. Percy is awoken by the arrival of Grover, whom reveals himself with be a satyr, along with a hurricane. Percy informs Grover plus his mom regarding Mrs. Dodds when his mother races those to Camp Half-Blood, a secure haven for demigods like Percy. While heading with the camp, the storm continues with rampage, plus they are attacked by the Minotaur, a monster which is half guy, half bull sometimes known because "Pasiphae's son." While the Minotaur is, at initial, unable with catch as much as the trio, a blast of lightning knocks the vehicle they are going off the road, knocking out Grover inside the task. Percy's mom plus Percy create it from the vehicle and begin carrying Grover with the edge of Camp Half-Blood because the Minotaur destroys the vehicle. Eventually they reach the edge, however, Sally is unable with cross plus is taken by the Minotaur. She turns into a shimmer of gold plus is believed with be dead. Fueled by his rage, Percy manages with break among the Minotaur's horns off plus kill the beast with it before passing out from fatigue. When he wakes, he finds himself at Camp Half-Blood. He sees his previous Latin instructor, Mr. Brunner, whom turns out with be Chiron, together with Annabeth Chase. Percy is shortly reported by his Olympian parent, Poseidon. However Poseidon just claims him considering Percy was accused of stealing Zeus' master light bolt. Although Percy insists which he didn't do it, Zeus doesn't believe him. If Percy doesn't confirm Zeus incorrect, there is another civil war between your gods. Percy, Annabeth, plus Grover are provided a quest with retrieve Zeus' stolen lightning bolt because Zeus believes Percy stole it. After they receive the quest, the trio initially believes Hades with function as the thief, as well as travel over the United States with Los Angeles, the entrance with the Underworld, whilst facing many mythological monsters, including Medusa, Echidna, as well as the Furies. The trio come face with face with Hades, whom accidentally reveals which his Helm of Darkness has additionally been stolen. The 3 then escape the Underworld, plus Percy fights Ares plus retrieves the stolen products. In the finish, they discover the real thief was Luke Castellan, a camper who'd befriended Percy whenever he initially arrived at Camp Half-Blood. Luke stole the bolt with enable Kronos the opportunity with rise again. In the finish, Luke attempts with kill Percy by releasing lethal scorpions about him when they are inside the woods.